LDS Disability Resources

LDS Materials from the Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled. Application also available for out-of-state residents.

Presentation notes from Marlene Williams at the Families Under Fire Conference in 2001 on raising a child with a disability.

A book by on how to recognize depression in yourself or a loved one and how to begin healing.

A article from the Deseret Book Website about a mother who makes a decision to love a child regardless of any health problems.

A book by Alexander B. Morrison who writes from the perspective of a father with a close family member who has for many years been afflicted with a chronic mental illness.

Presentation notes from Tina Dyches at the Families Under Fire Conference, 2004 titled Welcoming All of God's Children in His House: Supporting Families of Members with Disabilities.

A Presentation from the 2006 Womens Conference begins with some misconceptions about depression, then provides some helpful information, including a list of symptoms.

Great advice on teaching children in primary from a popular blog, indluding lots of tips on behavior.

Information relevant to LDS church leaders on dealing with special needs, mental illness, personality disorders, and physical and mental handicaps.