LDS Disability Resources

BYU American Sigh Language Department homepage.

"The Disability Service Center provides services for classroom and other university related activities and at the request of any BYU-I student with qualifying disabilities."

A discussion list is for LDS moms of special needs children.

Story about a young man serving a mission who is an amputee.

Chronic Illness information, teaching helps and resources from

A list of resources from the Family Life Department at BYU on chronic illness and death.

Mental health resources for Latter-day Saints from Meridian Magazine.

A brief account of a baptism where sign language was used.

A listing of a few articles about disabilities from the Church magazines from LDS Family Services.

A blog from "a hearing person who has been married to a deaf man for six years" who is a member of the LDS Church with many posts about experiences therein. Check out her post titled <a href="">A Humbling Experience</a>.

This is a message board for those of the LDS faith reagarding Bipolar and Depression.

The purpose of this group is to have a means by which we can discuss our physical disabilities and how they affect our lives, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and provide feedback, suggestions, support, and most of all, love to help us through these difficult times.

This group is a forum for LDS parents and family members to discuss their experiences with their children with Down Syndrome.

A listing of LDS disability resources from the Mental Health Resource Foundation.

LDS Mental health resources specifically designed for LDS Church members from