LDS Disability Resources

A group for those who want to promote progressive changes in the LDS Church by and for people with disabilities

Facebook group for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are interested in general disability issues

Tribute to member of the Church John Gardner at his retirement as principal of Jordan Valley, a school for students with disabilities.

Article about the Mormon founder of JetBlue David Neeleman who has attention-deficit disorder (ADD).

News story from Meridian Magazine about an "Evening of Sign" event held by the LDS Deaf Community in the greater San Diego California.

News story of a young Latter-day Saint names J.J. Serasio who killed himself after feeling like an outcast at school and church.

An article from Meridian Magazine by Sharisa Lewis discussing the struggles that her own family had in Church along with some suggestions of what members can do to help families who have a family member with autism.

Academic paper by David Dollahite on the findings from an exploration of religious beliefs from 16 fathers of children with disabilities.

Academic article by David Dollahite presenting the narratives of personal experiences of 35 Latter-day Saint fathers of children with special needs.

Newspaper article today from the Salt Lake Tribune about seminary classes at East High School in Salt Lake City.

BYU Women's Conference presentation notes by by Neli Rogers and Wendy W. Sheffield.

BYU Women's Conference presentation slides by Mary Anne Prater (moderator), Roselyn M. Baird and Sandra K. Ruconich.

A discussion group for blind or visually impaired members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Parents of blind children, ward leaders, or other interested members or investigators are also welcome to join.

Question asked on a LDS Message Board.

An answer to this question from the website "Ask Gramps"