LDS Disability Resources

LDS Disabilities Help is a website that seeks "solutions to help those with disabilities fully participate at church".

"This group is for members of the LDS Church who are diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder and their families, friends and leaders who would like to support them."

"For LDS Professionals who work in the area of disability."

"This page is specific to those LDS families that have someone with Down syndrome in their life."

"General group for members with disabilities, family members, teachers, leaders or anyone else interested. "

"For Arizona LDS members or familiy members with disabilities or those interested in disabilities."

"A group to help those of us LDS in Canada, to have a support group with a common belief."

"A group for LDS families with Autistic members. A place to discuss the challenges and joys associated with being called to be in a family affected by Autism. "

A panels of 3 Church members visit with Michelle King in a video about supporting members with disabilities in Church settings.

A story about a groups of priests from California who and their summer camp experience with Ryan Jarrett, a young man with cerebral palsey.

Article and video about opportunities for missionary service for young men and women with disabilities from

"A special album offering hope, comfort, and increased understanding to families who must daily meet the challenges of physical and mental disabilities"

A program for a special needs mutual programs by Janice Kapp Perry and Joy Saunders Lundberg titled "How I Know Jesus Loves Me" that they have generously offered to make available.

News Story about Gael Yonnet, a medical student at the University of Utah who was recently recently paralyzed from the waist down from injuries sustained in a snowboarding accident. Gael is from Bordeaux, France and is living in Salt Lake with the parents of the missionary who taught him about the Church. From Fred Langeland, his host:

He's a very capable young man with a lot of potential; this has not diminished that.

Facebook group for members interested in autism issues.