Personal Experiences with Disability from the Bloggernacle

Kim Sevier from Our Thoughts writes about his experience in discovering that he has a learning disability and the impact it has had on his life in the area of his religion. He also offers some methods that have helped him to concentrate during his prayers and scripture reading...

This limitation in my ability to concentrate or focus also affects how I interact in church meetings and other religious activities. I find it difficult to focus on most speakers in Sacrament. I have a hard time simply reading the scriptures. I can easily fall asleep saying silent prayers at night.

Religion and a learning disability

Kage from Tales from the Crib writes about a couple of bouts with depression...

For a while there I was blaming a lot on my two challenging children. I was only seeing them 1-dimensionally: Kids with Needs that I cannot fulfill. Now the light is shining again, the merkiness is clearing, and I can see them in all their dimensional glory: 32 flavors, and then some. The other day I found myself saying their names over and over again in my head, and quipping about what great names those are, and what great girls they are to go with those names. I am so glad to be back and fully present with them again, and I am so grateful that they loved me all the while.

Cure for the Common Depression- be sure to read through the comments as well.

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