American Sign Language, Braille and Audio Formats available at

The official website for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a vast library of resource materials available. Some of that material is available in a variety of formats including American Sign Language, audio files and electronic braille files.

American Sign Language Materials

The American Sign Language section of the Gospel Library is a new and features monthly First Presidency and Visiting Teaching message, the past three General Conference and a number of other broadcasts all available in American Sign Language (Windows Media files). New First Presidency and Visiting Teaching messages will be added every month and we'll try to keep you updated as new materials are added. If you use American Sign Language, look for the link to the ASL Usage Survey on the page to provide some feedback on how they are doing.

Braille Materials

Material on the braille page includes Church magazines, Church Educational System materials, Church music, curriculum and the scriptures available in electronic braille format (brf). Some of the files are also available as plain text downloads.

Audio Materials

Again, there is a lot of material in the audio section including the scriptures, General Conference, Church magazines, Teachings of the Presidents of the Church, Jesus the Christ and Church music in mp3 format. These could be used for someone who has a visual disability, someone learning to read or for anyone to listen to on their iPod on a morning run.


So if you are looking for the February First Presidency Message, it is available for your browser or handheld device, as a PDF document, audio file, braille file, text file or in American Sign Language. Not too bad.

For reference, you can get to any of the above mentioned sections by going to, clicking on the Gospel Library link on the left hand side and then selecting the format that you are interested in, again in the left menu.

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