LDS Disability Resources

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides both doctrines and resources to encourage the full inclusion of members with disabilities in all aspects of gospel life. The Church works to support families, caregivers, teachers and leaders around issues relating to disability.

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First Presidency Statement

In 1989 the First Presidency of the Church provided a statement regarding the inclusion of members with disabilities.

Read the First Presidency Statement on Disability on the Church Website

Local Wards and Branches

While there is a ongoing need for greater awareness and understanding for many local wards and branches, there are incredible examples of understanding and inclusion happening all over the Church. There are many stories of members going to great lengths to facilitate opportunities for members with disabilities and their families to fully participate in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Church Magazines Articles on Disability

There have been many articles published in the Church magazines on stories and Church doctrine around disaiblity. All of the Church magazine articles are available online where you can search for specific keywords. An effort to gather those articles in one place has been started on this site:

Browse the LDS Disability Articles Directory.

Church Educational System

The Church Educational System provides religious educational opportunities for youth ages 14 to 30 in seminary and Institute programs as well as the Church universities. There are full-time special education teachers in special education seminary and institute programs as well as opportunities for inclusion in regular education classrooms. Church sponsored colleges and universities also have a disability services office to serve students on their campuses.

Read more about disabilities in the Church Educational System.

Church Service/ Part-time Service Missions

For young adults with disabilities who are unable to serve a full-time proselyting mission, there are many opportunities to serve as part-time service missionaries. Information is available from the Church website. Examples of

Read ideas and examples of part-time service missionary opportunities.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The Deseret Industries is a thrift store that provides vocational rehabilitation services ofr persons with disabilities and other needs. In addition the Church provides many Employment

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Church Administration

There is a Disability Services office at the Chucrh Office Building and others who work in the area. Most disability issues or questions can be resolved working with local leaders. If needed, the disability services office can also be contacted at

Accessible Formats

Many church publications are available in audio, braille, DAISY,large-print and other accessible formats. (Click on "Materials for Those with Disabilities" at the bottom).

Church Welfare Services

The Deseret Industries has over 40 locations and assists many people through their vocational rehabilitation program. Additionally, specific services are available from LDS Family Services.

Visit the Deseret Industries and Family Services websites.

Humanitarian Services

The church is involved in many humanitarian projects, including a wheelchair distribution project and a vision treatment traini=ing.

Read about the Church Humanitarian Projects

Anything Else?

If you know of any other resources or official Church programs that I have missed, please let me know so that we can add them. Thank you!