Start an Online Community

There are many ways to find and connect with members who have a shared interest online. If you have looked at the list of communities that are already out there and have a desire to start your own that fills a unique need, here are some tips on getting started:

Think about the goals and purpose of your community- is it could be focused around a specific disability, an age group, region, general disability need or any combination of the above. Consider the following examples (none of the following exist yet as far as I know!) :

  • LDS fathers in Utah who have children with behavior problems
  • Members of the Church with fibromyalgia
  • Primary teachers looking for ideas on adapting lessons each week
  • Self-advocates sharing ideas on how be be an effective advocate in Church settings

Now you need to setup your community, an online community can be an email list, Facebook group or community website. Consider the following ideas as you get started:

After you have setup your group, it will take some for people to find out about it so that it can grow. Here are some ways to get the word out: