Conference Presentations

There have been a number of presentations on disability topics at LDS-themed conferences:

  • Dealing with Disabilities by Sandra K. Ruconich, Mary Anne Prater and Roselyn M. Baird
    A PDF document of from a presentation at 2006 Womens Conference. The slide show provides information on how to assist parents, schools, church members, teachers and others who serve those with disabilities.
  • When Someone You Love Is Depressed by Neli A. Rogers
    A Presentation from the 2006 Womens Conference that begins with some misconceptions about depression, then provides information, including a list of symptoms.
  • Welcoming All of God's Children in His House by Tina Dyches
    Presentation notes at the 2004 Families Under Fire Conference titled Welcoming All of God's Children in His House: Supporting Families of Members with Disabilities.
  • Heads, Shoulders, Hands and Hearts by Terri Wilson
    Notes from a booth at 2003 Women's Conference about encouraging some simple materials for persons with disabilities in a developmental center.
  • disAbility Awareness Activities by Ande Haymore
    Notes from a booth at the 2002 BYU Women's Conference that shares activities "geared toward encouraging understanding and acceptance of those who are different through disability."
  • Raising a Child with a Disability from Marleen Williams
    Presentation notes from the 2001 Families Under Fire Conference on raising a child with a disability.