Articles from Church Magazines

Here are just a few articles on disability from the Church magazines, many more are on the way. Click on a heading to sort by title, author or date.

Article Author Magazine Month and Year Published
In Black and White Lisa M. Grover New Era January, 1998
I Will Go and Do Laury Livsey New Era December, 1997
I Was Her Answer Elizabeth Quackenbush New Era December, 1997
Trails and Trials Rebecca Marie Parsons New Era April, 1997
Adam's Game Michael J. Gray New Era February, 1997
The Answer Jane McBride Choate Friend February, 1997
Undaunted by Disability Paul M. Smith Ensign January, 1997
Friendship Rules Janet Thomas New Era December, 1996
He Will Be There to Help Hilarie Cole Ensign May, 1995
Hear with Your Heart Lisa M. Grover New Era January, 1995
No Pain, No Gain Chris Crowe New Era September, 1994
Helping Those with Chronic Illness Sherrie Johnson Ensign July, 1994
Another Brother Barbara Ann Yates Friend March, 1994
Missionary Marrow Robin O’Rullian Nelson, Ensign February, 1994
No Barriers to the Spirit Laurie Wilson Thornton Ensign February, 1994
‘Lead Me, Guide Me’: Dealing with Children with Behavior Disorders Jan U. Pinborough Ensign December, 1993
They Have Quarterbacks in Heaven Jon Stout October, 1993
Helping and Being Helped by the Intellectually Impaired Elizabeth VanDenBerghe Ensign October, 1993
Dealing with Disabilities Ensign Staff Ensign June, 1993
Meeting Life's Challenges Thomas S. Monson March, 1993
Norman’s Song Norman Hill New Era January, 1993
Love Is Blind Launi Evans Friend August, 1992
A Language beyond Sound: Making the Gospel Available to the Hearing-Impaired Jan Underwood Pinborough, Ensign September, 1991
Living with Chronic Illness Libby Knapp Ensign March, 1991
Not of My Blood but of My Heart Karen B. Thompson Ensign February, 1991
Blessed with Trials Ensign Staff Ensign September, 1990
Keeping Mentally Well Jan Underwood Pinborough Ensign September, 1990
The Hidden Handicap Laurie Wilson Thornton Ensign April, 1990
Why Is My Wife (Or Husband) Depressed? David G. Weight Ensign March, 1990
My Brother Is Special Rita Ann Burke Friend March, 1990
Wheelchair Song Judy Clouston Friend December, 1989
Tutoring Can Be Fun Joel Allred, Sebastian Striefel, and Micah Bybee Friend November, 1989
Listen with Your Heart Anne C. Bradshaw New Era March, 1989
Mental Illness: In Search of Understanding and Hope Jan Underwood Pinborough Ensign February, 1989
Seeing Blindness Clearly Laurie Wilson Thornton Ensign December, 1988
Being Kind to Others K. Richard Young Friend September, 1988
Trent Thueson of Bountiful, Utah—Practice Makes Perfect Dora D. Flack Friend September, 1988
I Can Read! Andrea C. Hobart New Era March, 1988
Ideas for Teaching Deaf Children in Primary Connie Lewis Ensign June, 1986
Understanding Robby Leona Haag Ensign January, 1986
Wads of Crumpled Paper Alice Schrot Wilshire Friend October, 1985
The Wall Alma J. Yates New Era April, 1985
Living with and Loving Our Handicapped Children Pat Cowley Ensign September, 1984
Putting Love into Words Norma H. Hill Ensign August, 1984
I Have a Question- How Can I Help my Spouse who is Depressed? D. Russell Crane Ensign April, 1984
My Battle with Depression Mollie H. Sorensen Ensign February, 1984
Can You Take Another Child? Anita Hallock Ensign December, 1983
As Becometh Saints Brent Schindler New Era August, 1983
So Near and Yet So Far: Living with Autism, Carmen B. Pingree Ensign March, 1983
Fifty-six Deaf Students—and Me Elizabeth Sainsbury Orton New Era June, 1982