Articles from Church Magazines

Here are just a few articles on disability from the Church magazines, many more are on the way. Click on a heading to sort by title, author or date.

Article Author Magazine Month and Year Published
Taylor’s Talent Heather Hall Ensign April, 2010
Enduring Well Emma Petty Addams Ensign March, 2010
She Taught Me to See Evelyn Jeffries Ensign February, 2010
Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death Michael R. Blair Ensign January, 2010
Give Thanks for Everything Thomas S. Monson Friend January, 2010
Porter’s Terrible (Super) Day Adam Ashby Friend November, 2009
Hayden's Friends Sandy Tanner Friend May, 2009
Smiles to Share C. J. Gudmundson Friend May, 2009
They Also Serve Shanna Ghaznavi New Era March, 2007
Jessica Greenfield of Torrance, California Janet Thomas Friend February, 2007
Good Vibrations Lara Mayo Bangerter New Era February, 2007
A Different Drummer Lisa Prall New Era February, 2007
Brady Blaser of Bountiful, Utah Glen C. Griffin, M. D. Friend February, 2007
Good Cheer Jill B. Adair New Era February, 2007
Don’t Grieve for David Sherrie A. Hundley Ensign February, 2007
Prepared by Our Bus Friends Dallin Phillips Ensign January, 2007
Raising a Child with a Disability Marleen S. Williams Ensign January, 2007
Things I've Learned From You Mark G. Warner Ensign January, 2007
The Sound of Giving Janet Thomas New Era May, 2006
Myths about Mental Illness Alexander B. Morrison Ensign October, 2005
Embracing Members with Special Needs Ensign Staff Ensign August, 2005
Church Resources for Hearing Loss Marlene B. Sullivan July, 2005
Handling Members’ Special Needs Kathleen Pederson Whitworth Ensign January, 2005
Learning from Diabetes Kristi Linton New Era November, 2004
Our Secret Angels Mary Bartschi Ensign September, 2004
When Your Child Is Depressed Sean E. Brotherson Ensign August, 2004
It's Just Hair Juli Housholder New Era August, 2003
Entrusted with Her Care Annette Candland Alger Ensign July, 2003
Two People Building for Eternity Don L. Searle Ensign January, 2003
Cameron Blackwell of Jeffersonville, Indiana Donna Alldaffer and Richard M. Romney Friend July, 2002
Rising Above the Blues Shanna Ghaznavi New Era April, 2002
Mirror Image Julie K. Kennard New Era April, 2002
Coping with Chronic Illness Ensign Staff Ensign March, 2002
More Than Words Peter B. Gardner Liahona February, 2002
A Challenge Just for You Patricia Reece Roper Friend November, 2001
Easing the Burdens of Mental Illness Dawn and Jay Fox Ensign October, 2001
Tuned In Sherilyn Farnes New Era August, 2001
Blessed by a Hymn: "Sing More!" Karen T. Sheets Ensign June, 2001
Hands-on Learners Heidi Ashworth Ensign February, 2001
A Promise Kept Jana Bouck Remy New Era January, 2001
Just Live through the Night Steven R. Deam New Era October, 2000
Looking on the Heart: Respecting Those with Disabilities Kristin Warner Belcher Ensign September, 2000
Respect! Pamela Moody Friend May, 2000
Escaping My Valley of Sorrow G. G. Vandagriff Ensign March, 2000
Why are some physical infirmities allowed to persist despite our faith, prayers, and the power of the priesthood to heal us? Richard R. Hart Ensign February, 2000
I Know It’s Hard, Mom Chris Geilman Ensign January, 2000
My Friend Crawf Donald Kranendonk Ensign October, 1999
My husband does not read very well and may have a learning disability. What can we do? Jon B. Fish Ensign March, 1999
Our Blessings Came- After the Trial Rita Ann Best Ensign January, 1998
Six Myths About the Handicapped Carmen Pingree Ensign January, 1998