Articles from Church Magazines

Here are just a few articles on disability from the Church magazines, many more are on the way. Click on a heading to sort by title, author or date.

Article Author Magazine Month and Year Published
Like a Broken Vessel Jeffrey R. Holland Ensign November, 2013
Special Lessons Ronald A. Rasband Ensign May, 2012
Encircled in the Savior's Love W. Craig Zwick Ensign February, 1995
The Moving of the Waters Boyd K. Packer Ensign January, 1991
The Works of God James E. Faust Ensign March, 1984
“Come Home, Felila” John H. Groberg Ensign November, 1978
Cans for Kailey BY RICHARD M. ROMNEY New Era December, 2013
Kuha‘o’s Gift DAVID A. EDWARDS New Era November, 2013
Operation Happiness Kaitlyn Hedges New Era August, 2013
The Mitch Mobile New Era August, 2013
A Television and a Spirit Lifted Kaci Cronin Ensign July, 2013
Teaching the One Janice LeFevre Ensign July, 2013
Serving Those with Disabilities Becky Young Fawcett Liahona June, 2013
Hearing with the Heart Richard M. Romney New Era May, 2013
Supporting Each Other Sally Johnson Odekirk New Era May, 2013
Brothers and Sisters—Friends Forever David A. Edwards New Era April, 2013
Katie V. from Florida Friend April, 2013
A Sign from Mosetta Heather M. Scott Ensign March, 2013
Ric’s New Book Laura Byrd Friend March, 2013
The Refining Fire of Grief Ashley Isaacson Woolley Ensign February, 2013
Embracing Ethan, Accepting Autism Jeff Kornegay Ensign January, 2013
Whole Enough Michele Reyes Ensign January, 2013
Ready to Read Merillee Booren Friend January, 2013
Finding Our Way Back Christine Bryant Ensign September, 2012
A Playground for Carly Chad Phares Friend June, 2012
Much More than a Nursery Manual Janice LeFevre Ensign March, 2012
Hands that Talk Diane Robinson Haines Friend March, 2012
Scoring a Touchdown with Service ELYSE ALEXANDRIA HOLMES New Era March, 2012
How Do I Help This Child? Danyelle Ferguson Ensign February, 2012
A Cycle of Service Sally Johnson Odekirk Ensign December, 2011
Garrett Was God’s Child First April T. Giauque Ensign August, 2011
My Brother and Autism Catherine Aviles Ensign August, 2011
“Though Hard to You …” Holly Scott Gamangasso Ensign August, 2011
Sign Language Materials Help Deaf Community Come unto Christ Hikari Loftus Ensign July, 2011
Strengthening My Back without Removing My Burden Ryan E. Kunz Ensign July, 2011
When I Meet My Brother Again María Isabel Parra de Uribe Ensign July, 2011
Be Patient in Afflictions Name withheld Ensign July, 2011
President Monson Wants to See You George Sharkey Ensign June, 2011
When Broken Hearts Become One Amanda B. Lewis Ensign March, 2011
Home Teachers Who Made a Difference Ensign Staff Ensign January, 2011
Listen Up Heidi Lewis New Era January, 2011
Carrying Others to the Pool of Bethesda Ann E. Tanner Ensign January, 2011
Lullaby for Timothy Katherine Clement Poulsen Ensign December, 2010
One Heart and One Mind Ensign Staff Ensign December, 2010
The Church’s Humanitarian Efforts: Discipleship in Action Heather L. Stock Ensign September, 2010
A Golden Friend Jan Pinborough Friend September, 2010
Those Who Are Different Elder Marlin K. Jensen Ensign August, 2010
Trading My Fear for Love Ashley Johnson Evanson Ensign August, 2010
Homebound but Active Ensign Staff Ensign June, 2010
Buddies for Ben Marissa A. Widdison Friend June, 2010